Dokończ historyjkę. Możesz użyć ponizszych słów :

the police , start the investigation , look for some clues , leave/ take fingerprints , question the witness , find the valuable jewels , question the owner of the house , detective , catch the thief , arrest the thief , go to prison ;

Yesterday evening a burglar boke into a house at 13 , Elm Street . He climbed through the window into the sitting room. the owner of the house , Mrs Robinson , was at home. When the burglar saw her , he tide her to a chair. He stole some valuable jewels and run away through the window. Mrs Brown , the Robinsons' neighbour , was at the window of her house when she suddenly saw the thief. She telephoned the police at once. At the same time Mr Robinson came back home and found his wife tide to the chair. He also telephoned the police. After fifteen minutes a police car stopped in front of the Robinsons' house...



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...and police started the investigation. Firstly, they were looking for some clues. The thief was so uncareful that he left some fingerprints on the broken glass. In the meantime special police officer was questioning the witness and the owner of the house. After few minutes, detectives found the robber in the cartotec. Than SWAT team caught the thief in his hideout. He was very surprised. Burglar was arrested and went to prison.
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