My visit to London - Mój wyjazd do Londynu.

I had great holidays last year. I spent three weeks in London and it was fantastic !
In London we stayed at Aunt Ann's - she is my mother's aunt actually and she's very nice. She moved to London 30 years ago so she knows the city really well.
First, we visited the Buckingham Palace. Well, we didn't go inside, because the tickets were quite expensive - but we watched the changing of the guards - British soldiers in funny fur hats were doing a lot of stange walking. That was fun !
Then we went to the Tower of London. It's a sort of a castle in the middle of the city. I didn't like the place, but it was boring.
Next we visit to Legoland. It was fabulous ! All those roller coasters, wheels, racing cars and so many things made from Lego bricks only ! I wanted to stay there for ever !
The Londoners we met were really friendly and helpful. It was cool !

Nie wiem na jakim poziomie jest u ciebie angielski, ale pisałam w miarę prosto, więc na pewno zrozumiesz. Używałam Past Simple. Nie liczyłam słów, ale powinno być ok. 150, jak będzie za mało to dopisz jeszcze jakieś zdanie :)
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