Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I'm eating ice creams now.
2. Look ! He's running through the park !
3. She's sleeping now.
4. He's drinking the water.
5. She's smiling.
6. They're crying.
7. She's eating her lunch.
8. We're watching TV.
9. He's playing computer games.
10. They're walking.
11. We're talking by the phone.
12. They're laughing.
13. She's eating pizza.
14. He's watching football.
15. He's scratching.
16. She's grinning.
17. He's playing basketball.
18. They're watching a movie.
19. We' re eating popcorn.
20. She's doing her homework.
1. Smoking is forbidden.
2.I have a long working day.
3.I don't like dancing.
4.Marketing is a very inexact science.
5.The marketing of the product will continue for a few manths yet.
6.I was meet by a welcoming party at the airport.
7.Let's go to the meeting room.
8.Before learing, you need to speak to Sarah.
9. After discussing it with her, I've changed my mind.
10.Instead of feeling sorry for yourself do some work for charity.
11. I don't object to waking this sunday.
12.I'm looking forward to seeing him again.
13.I'm used to working long hours.
14. I love going hopping.
15.I'm afraid of flying.
16.I started to learn English 5 years ago.
17. I admit teeling her.
18.I've given up going to the gym.
19. I detest going to parties.
20. I feel like having a party.

To tyle mam nadzieje ze będą dobre:)))