Napisać recenzje obojentnego filmu po angielsku.

Ma byc ujęte:

-what is the name of the film?
-who was it directed by?
What type of film is it?
who is the main character?
what is the plot?
How did you like the film [plot, acting, sound effect]?
would you recommend it? Why?/ Why not?

Tylko prosze nie translatorem ok?



My favourite film is The Dutchess.This film was directed by Saul Dibb.The Dutchess is historical drama.This film is about Georgina Spencer life and she is the main character.Film talking about Georgina live and her marriage with William Cavendish.Duke marriged Georgina, because he wanted to have a heir.
Later William had affair with Elizabeth Foster, she was the best friend f Georgina.The main plot is about romance between Elizabeth Foster and William
and Georgina and Charles.I like this film because Keira Knightley, who act Georgina is my favourite actress.I would recommend it because this film is very intresting.

P.S używałam słwonika, zeby znaleźć słowa takie jak dziedzic itd.