Przeczytaj poniższy tekst, przetłumacz, a nastepnie każdemu fragmentowi ( 1-5) przyporządkuj odpowiedni nagłówek ( A-F)> Jeden nagłówek podany został dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnego fragmentu.

1.New Yorkers are very fit! You can see many people jogging rollerblading in Central Park.New York has got two great teams: the New York Knicks play bascetball and the New Yor Yankees baseball.

2.The most famous places New York are the Empire State Builiding and the Statute of Liblary. The Empire Stete Building is now the tallest building in New York. It's got 103 floors. The Stetute of Liblary is a present to America from France. There are 354 stairs in the statute.

3.New York is the best place for shopping. Bloomingsdale's is the mostfamous store, but the largest store is Macy's. you really must do you shopping here !

4. you can;t be hungry in New york ! New york favorites are: pancakes, for breakfast; cookies as a moring snack; for lunch: hot dog or bagel; for dinner: New york depp-pan pizza or Waldorf salad; and for dessert New York cheesecake.

5.Biking can be a great way to travel around New York - it's healthy, not expensive and good for the environment- but it's important to know the rules of bike safety before you get on your bike.

A.Moving around the city
B.Where to stay
C. What to see
D. Popular food in New york
E.Sport in New york
F. Where to spend your money