Czesc, prosze o napisanie krotkiego opowiadania w ktorym maja byc zawarte odpowiedzi na ponizsze pytania :)

Can you tell us about an exciting or unusual day in your life?
When was it?
How old were you?
What happened?
What did you do?
What happened next?
How did you fell?
What do you remember most about that day?

Bardzo prosze :D



Exciting day in my life was the day married.Very then stress. It was exactly a year ago on 27/12/2008, was when I was 27 years.
Forgot to take the witness to a church wedding. He came again to stress, and the witness returned home in August after the wedding. Fortunately I came back on in time. All guests were already and now it was already only downhill. Oath of marriage and we married. From this day I remember many things but most of the memory has stuck to me that the witness had forgotten the rings.