Napisz krótko, ziężle i na temat o swoich wakacjach... (nauczyc sie opowiadac) tu masz pytania pomocnicze... :
-What type of holiday is it??
-How you travel there??
-What do you do??
-What Activities can you do??
-What should you bring??

Prosze o szybkie odp i z góry thx...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In this summer I was in Bulgaria on camp with m friends. To Bulgaria we flew plane 2 hours. We stayed here 2 weeks. In the day we went sightseeing, swam in the see or drank fruits drinks and in the night we went to the disco. In the city was awesome partys. We knew many wonderful peoples. The Bulgarian are very friendly and lovable. I hope that I come back here on next summer.