Well some other events I've had happen to me include the time I came home from school and was going to take a nap before I had to go to work. I just layed down on the couch in the living room and I was about asleep when I heard heavy footsteps going up the stairs in my neighbors apartment which I thought was odd because he told me he was going away for the week. So I just layed there and listened for a second. And I could hear them stomping arcoss the house slowly but loudly then they just stopped and it was quiet. I got up and looked outside to see if he had come home early or if someone had stopped by but I couldnt find any evidence that anyone had gone into his place. And to confirm it a couple days latter he came home and I even asked if anyone would have stopped and he said no one could have becuase no had a key to get in.
Another strange thing that happend to me alot was I'd sometimes take a shower when I'd gt off work before my boyfreind would get home and several times it sounded like soemone was in the kitchen banging around and running water full blast and the minute id open the door to the bathroom (which is right off of the kitchen) it would be silent and nothing had been moved. So after awhile I got freaked out and quite taking showers when I was home alone.
I'll try not to confuse everyone with some of my stories. When we first moved in we had our laundryroom upstairs right off of my kitchen and now we have it in the basement.
When we had the laundry room upstairs I had just gone in and started a load of laundry and when I was leaving I shut the door. And then I was startled by a loud crashing sound. So I went to investigate and I found that the trash can was clear at the bottom of the stairs going to the basement. And truthfully I don't have a clue how it could have. We keep it on the closed in porch that leads to the basment but someone or something would have had to give it a shove to go that far becaue it was full and it's not a small trash can.
To make a long story short, I just dont like our basment and I hate that our laundryroom is down there. There is this one room down there that just creeps me out. And while I do laundry my back is to it and I just get a bad feeling somtimes. And one morning I was getting ready for work and I had to run down to the basement to get my uniform out of the dryer and on my way back up to shut the light off and right as I was about to flip the switch I heard a raspy breathless sounding voice say "NNNOOO" So I stopped mid-motion. I was scared and shocked all at once and then I heard what sounded like 2 people whispering at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. I tried to listen hard but I could make out what they were saying. And by this time I'm freaking out so I shut the light off and run in the other room. Now if I start down the stairs and feel something I just let whatever it is know I don't want to be bothered and that helps.

To lub to:

Well I've read many stories on here before but I thought I'd add some of my own.

I've always had strange things happen to my whole life but I'll start with the ones that I've had happen to me since my boyfriend (a non-believer I might add) moved into our apartment which is an old house turned into a duplex. We have the bottom aprtment and access to the basement and we have a single man that lives upstairs and has for about ten years now. We have lived here for almost 2 now. Our half of the house sat empty for some time before we moved in. And not to long after we had moved in my nieghbor told me not to be surprised if I hear things because the house is haunted.

When we first moved in I worked 2nd shift and my boyfriend worked first shift. In the mornings he would come in and bump the bed to wake me up to kis him goodbye. And after only living there for a few days I began having strange things happen to me. It started one morning when I woke after my BF had already left and I woke up to what felt like him bumping the bed to get my attention but no one was there. I just ignored at first. but it happened a few more times in the nest couple weeks. since having creepy things happen to me isn't really all the wierd I din't give it much thought. other than interupting my sleep it wasn't bothering me. Then one moring I was woke up to what sounded like someone digging around in some boxes I had outside the bedroom, so i listened for a moment and then it stopped and i rolled over and was gonna go back to sleep when I clearly heard heavy footsteps come walking into teh bedroom and right up to the bed. Freaked out I hid under the covers for a minute and when I peeked out there was no one there.
Things here tend to go in sperts, I might have alot of wierd things happen for a few weeks then nothing will happen for months sometimes.
Some of the more creepy things are the feeling that someone maybe a male figure is standing in the doorway to kitchen from our livingroom. This tends to make me feel uneasy at times. Other things are the TV coming on all by it's self one morning. I had jus been in the livingroom and had noticed that both remotes were laying on the couch cushion face up not touching anything and the minute I left the room the TV came on and loudly, louder than we would have it and to top off the creepy-ness it happened to be my birthday. My BF of course tried to make it seem like it was logical though he did say it was wierd since it's never happened before and never has happened since. And one of the scariest things was one night when I was taking a shower. And being an old house I know when doors are opened and closed. I was washing my hair when I thought I heard my BF say my nickname but since I hadn't heard the door open I didn't think much of it and then I heard it again only a little louder this time, so I said "Yeah what is it?".....no answer, so I peeked out of the curtain and no one was there and the door was closed. So when i got out I asked if he had been in the bathroom trying to talk to me and witha wierd look on his face he said "Nooo, I've been playing a game. why?" So I told him and he looked at me like I was nuts and told that it wasn't him.