Few days ago I decided to go for a walk. It was beautiful and sunny day, so it was ideal time for that. I was walking slowly admiring amazing views. Suddenly I heard rumble behind me. I was scared and shocked because I didn;t know what is that. I turned my back on source of this terrible noise. I turned out that a car plowed into nearest tree. As fast as possible I called ambulance and I started to help a driver. He was injured and he didn't breathe. I was under big stress. I took a risk and made an artifical respiration. I knew how to do this because I had a course. Fortunately, man started to breathe and he restored quickly. Then ambulance arrived and took him to hospital. They and driver were thanking me. They said that without my experience and help this man could die. I'm glad I made good work and I'm little proude of myself. But on the other side I hope such a difficult situation won't happen to me again. It's not for me.