Muszę napisać list na angielski tylko że jestem noga z angielskiego wiec proszę o pomoc . List ma dotyczyc relacji koncertu(grupa moze byc wymyslona) i ma być ujety w 5 punktach (kazdy punkt to jeden akapit) oto co ma byc :
1. the concert: when ? / where?
2.the group : people in the group/ kind of music/ songs played
3. the audience: how many people/ their reaction
4.problems: the music/the sound quality/heating/faclities/the time
5.sugegestions: different place?/different time/diferent kind of music?/ different equipment



Hello Kate,
I'm sorry for the delay in answering your letter but I've been very busy.
I must tell you something. I was at the concert of Carpe Diem last Saturday in Warsaw. My dreams were fulfil!
In this band are 5 people: singer, Two guitarists, drumler and the man who playing on keybord. They are rock band. I love this kind of music! They sang their the best songs: "Why are you sad?", "My aim" and "You are my everything".
At this concert wereover than 1000 people. It was huge crowd! everybody sang with singer and at the finish everyone was shouting for joy. Me too :)
At this performance were a few mistakes... The music is to loud. Sometimes I didn't understand words of songs. We have a summer. There were 26 degree Celsius, so it was very hot. But the facilities were very good. there wre mike without cable and enormous loudspeakers. the concert was for 3 hours.
I think that in summer concerts should be in builing with air conditioning and in the evening. It will be less hot. I should take more water :) I love rock but... I prefer hard roc or metal. I'm going to the next concert on Monday. There will be "MEtalica".
How are you? tell me something about your holidays.
regards! (imię)