This is Dulce Maria. She is an actor and a singer. She plays in a film ,, Zbuntowani" and sings in a band ,, RBD". She is a Mecsican actoress.She sings very beatifully. She is at home every weekend and every Monday she goes to the studio.

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Eddie Murphy (actor)
the start of the TV film has a very busy rutine every day.
he gets up at 6:30,puts on jeans and t-shirt and
takes hes two dogs for a walk them he goes totke gym for an hour.He Hes breakfast at 8:30 after that he goes to the tv studio
he works on the show until 1:00 then he hes a half hour lunch break in the canteen Eddie lunch he reads the scripts for the next show.He laves the studio at about six o'clock.
Eddie meets hes friends at about 6:30 ay Patter"s and they have dinner togethes. He olways goes home at 9:30 and listens to music .
uefore he
goes to bed at about 10 o'clock. I love classical music he says .
Eddie's livestyle is realy busy she enionys every minute of it.
myśle że to tak ma być z mijej książki ściągłam ;))