1. How many hours you spending in front of TV by day?
2. Do you like game shows? If yes, what is your favourite?
3. What is you favourite canal in TV?
4.Where do you usually using the Internet?
5. What sites are visited by you?
6. Internet - entertainment or work?
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Na temat tv:
1. How many hours do you watch TV per week?
2. What is your favourite programme?
3. Do you like watching news in TV? Why?
4. Why do you like watching TV?
5. Have you got TV for your own?

na temat neta:
1. Do you like sufring in Internet?
2. What is your favourite website? Why?
3. You prefer surf in Internet of spend your free time activity?
4. Do you read any website with news every day?
5. What are you doing when you are on line?

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