Napisz 10 zdań (po jednym z każdego typu)
1. (passive)
2. (to be to do sth)
3. (due to)
4. (mustn't)
5. (allowed to)
6. (lack of nessesery)
7. (permission)
8. (possibility)
9. (repeated action e.g. with "always")
10. (first conditional)



1. My room has been painted.
2.You are to deliver this package before 11 pm
3.The train is due to arrive in five minutes
4.You musn't smoke here
5.You are not allowed to enter this room.
6.You needn't have done shopping
7.You can stay till 11 pm
8.She may be having a shower at the moment
9.You're always losing things
10. If I study hard, I will pass the exam
  • Użytkownik Zadane
1. My watch was stolen.
2. They are to leave at 7.
3. The flight has been canceled due to bad weather.
4.I mustn't go to the cinema.
5. I'm allowed to do this exercise.
6.(brak konieczności):
Writing this letter was unnecessary!
7.She has not permission to open the window.
8. They might be a couple.
10. If I go to school tomorrow I won't meet you.