Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I should have stayed ine bed!!! Why did I get up? Unfortunatley. I did not hide under the duvet and wait for the evning. I get up.My spine was tingling my toes and nose were itching and i had a strange feeling deep in my stomach. suddenly.I noticeda latter in Dad 's handwriting , stuck beetwen the milk bottle and a jug of orange juice
Derlin Anna : We did not want to wake you Mum went quickly into labour. Just think my daughter before and of the day you will have your first brother or sister .Call school and ask for a day off then come quickly to the general hospital. Do not forget to eat some breakfast.'
A broad smile spread slowly across my face. My first brother or sister brilliant!!!
As i approached the hospital bad news! My spine, nosefeet and stomach sttil fame the same .All of a sudden I heard a familiar voice from an upstairs Anna, run quickly we are in the fourth flou maternity ward . It was dad. His headdisappeard back throught the windows What now? . Was something wrong wih mother or the baybe or was it both of theam? i raning. It is a dad1
-Dad what now ?
-Darling Anna I am sorry to disappoint you. You didin't get brother or sister you got both!!!
When I was ten I and my parents went to my grandparents. In the morning when all was singing a song I decided to go to walk. I was going to the park when I saw a dog. The dog was barking to me and suddenly he stared to pursuing me. I was ranning away but snap I fall on the ground. I was scary. The dog was pulling my clothes when he heared a catcalling and ran away. I went at home and talked to my family abut my adventure. My grandmather sewed my clothes. All was laughting from I.
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