Słowo ferie ma wiele znaczen mozna uzyc jako holiday,vacation albo recess ja bede uzywala holiday ale mozesz sobie zmienic, to jest list o tym ze teraz jestes na feriach w Zakopanem bo wlasciwie to nie napisałas w jakim czasie to ma być i dokładnie co.Mam nadzieje ze bedzie dobrze

Hi Tania,
How are you? I hope that your holiday is going well. Have you decided where to go on holiday? As you know I'm in Zapokane and I have fantastic time. I would like to tell you about what I'm doing here.
Anyway, I went a week ago with my boyfriend and my friends from school. Zakopane is a small city but is very beautiful and charming.We're staying in a small hotel. It's not expensive.We''ve been here for five days but it feels longer. I'm happy because still snowing. It's fantastic! Yesterday we were on Gubałówka and Krupówki. I bought many souvenirs I have also one for you.
We go walking every day. I hope we' II go to the Sea Eye(morskie oko).
Our news: Do you know Tom? Predictably! Tom has fallen in love with Monica. Tom is compalining about everything and Maciek is still trying to be funny all the time. So you can imagine what it's like!
Well I must finish because soon we go to the disco. Nightlife its wonderfull and very fun here.
Cheers, .... wpisz swoje imie

Napisalam ten list samodzielnie nie brałam nic z neta.
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