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King Arthur, Arthmael, Sw. Armel, Arthwys (482, Boverton in Glamorganie - 562, St.. Armel des Boschaux in Brittany) - Morgannwgu and Gwentu king, ruler of the Britons, a Celtic chieftain.
Arthur was the son of Meurig, King Morgannwgu and Gwentu and Onbrawsty, daughter of the king and Ergingu Goar. He was a descendant of the Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus. Crowned at Caer Vudei in 497 by St. Dyfriga. In 537 after the battle of Camlanem, in which Arthur was seriously wounded, there was a revolution in the country. The King was transported to the island of Ynys Afallach (out of Bardsey Island), where with great difficulty returning to health. Then relinquished the crown to his son. After the collapse of Arthur in the great confederation of principalities 537 British, so far effectively inhibiting the invasion of the Saxons, collapsed. 530 Guinevere after the death of his father, Earl Gwythyra acquires duchy Leon Armoryce.

In written texts Arthur appears for the first time in history Britonum chronicler of the ninth century Nennius

King Arthur as the legendary ruler
According to the Arthurian legend was the son of Arthur Igerny and her second husband, Uther Pendragon, and half-brother of Anna-Morgause, Garlot Elaine and Morgan le Fay. Born in Glamorgan, according to recent discoveries of the new year, of which it can be concluded that it was January 7 482 years.
Became king after removing wbitego in stone and anvil, the Sword of the Stone, unfortunately, during a battle sword was broken, so Arthur has received from Nimue, Lady of the Lake sword Caliburn (Excalibur).

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