Last holiday I was on the Bałtyk sea. Weather was sunny. I sunbathed on the beach and swam in the sea. I bulit castle of sand. I visited Gdynia, Gdańsk and SOpot.I visited also lantarn. I flowed ship on sea. I bought very much souvenirs. I backed to home happy and tanned.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In last summer I was in a Kanada with my brother. We went to Kanada by plane. I was very exciting, because that was my first fly. We visited our familly in Toronto. In first day we went to CN Tower in middle of town - this is really amazing place. Next day, we went to Niagra Falls. In this small city we watched film in 4D cinema and visited wax museum. I saw there very interesting people (in wax, of course) like Madonna or Johny Depp. I bought some suvenires. When weather was good, I played soccer and basketball.
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In the last holidays I went to Słowacja . I visited my cousin and we played badminton . I watched TV. I saw my friends . On July I went to Kraków , in Aqua Park ! I rode a bike with my cousin . I went to bowling alley ! It was great ! I won . I took photos , too ! I bought new clothes .
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