``wyobraź sobie że jesteś poszukiwaczem złota i odnajdujesz dużą bryłe złota. co z nia zrobisz? napisz swój pamiętnik z tego dnia.``

właśnie to moje polecenie.. prosze pare zdań. na poziomie 1 gimnazjum :) nie za długie ani nie za krótkie.;p

dam naj :)



Part from diary
As I searched for each day golden, it has come off well me today and I have found lump. That with gold else not know make, but I will sell rather, or it for some plant on decorations on it return make.
It my happiest day.
I saw the gold. I was elate." I will be moneyed " - I sreamed . I hid the gold in the car and I left the place.In the home hid the gold. I didn't said nobody of the gold.I was very happy that I found the gold.
26th July 2009
It was just another sunny day of my work. I'm a gold-seeker and i always dreamed about finding some gold. Unfortunately it never happened to me. Today like always i set off to look for a luck. I didn't expect to find anything even though there was some hope in me. And today i really found it! I found gold! I was so surprised and happy that i just wanted to jump and dance! I can't express how big my happiness was! I'm not sure yet what to do with it. It looks so beautiful and amazing. I would like just to own it. But i think i will sell the gold because I always dreamed of being rich and now my dream came true!