It breaks this the the nicest, winter period, it when was can was spend pleasantly and pleasantly the time, free from school and the duties of everyday life. The mountains are one of attractive regions, and what it for this goes, the possibility of growing the winter sports. The lovers of extreme sports the foundling for me something suitable. więcej nie wiem
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I spend winter vacation in mountains . I leave with whole family to tatra case , for zakopane. I, my dad and we will commute on ski . My mum does not know to commute on ski.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I love winter break! I always wait for it impatiently. I count down days till it starts. This time of the year is really nice. There is a lot of white, fluffy snow everywhere.
So during the winter break I often go skiing or snowboarding. This time we went with my friends in the mountains. We enjoyed not only skiing there but also beautiful, breath-taking views. Next weekend we went ice skating. I must say it was first time i have done it and it was really great! I think I will do it often now.
And the rest of my winter break i spent at home. But it wasn't boring at all. I invited a lot of friends and we made a party. We were dancing a lot and have fun. I was happy i could rest at last and that i did it in an active way.

i jest 16 zdań, prosze ;)
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