1. Napisz list do przyjaciela z USA do którego opiszesz swoje nowiny:
- przeproś za długie nie milczenie i podaj powód
- zrelacjonuj jedno zdarzenie z życia rodziny opisując swoje uczucia
- zrelaguj i skomentuj jedno wydarzenie z życia towarzyskiego
- poproś o odpowiesź i zapytaj o nowiny adresata i jego przyjaciół

2. Niedawno otrzymałeś list od koleżanki z zagranicy i napisz odpowiedź:
- przeproś za długą przerwę w korenspondencji i podaj przyczynę
- napisz o swoich przygotowaniach do matury i jak spędzasz czas wolny od nauki
- poinformuj ją o imprezie studniówkowej na której byłas i opisz swoje wrażenia
- poinformuj o swoich planach wakacyjnych i zaproś koleżankę na kilka dni???

LIMIT SŁÓW 120-150!!!!! prosze o POMOC.:)



1. Dear Friend,
I'm sorry, that I wasn't writing to You at last time, but I'm going to tell You why in this letter.
At last time in our family everything has changed. My mother is pregnant!! That's why I didn't wrote to You for so long. I was really worried about her. But I'm also happy! I'm going to have a brother :)
I have become very sociable. I have got many friends now and tomorrow I am going for third party in this week! It's a big change to me, because I was always shy. I love it so much!
Write back, please! I would like to know what's going on there, in the USA!
With love, XYZ!
2. Dear Friend,
I'm sorry that I didn't wrote to You for so long, but I was very busy. I have
baccalaureate per two week's. So You know... I'm learning all the time.
I have to revise specialy maths and history. And if I'm not studying I'm having parties and I'm meeting my friends.
We have had a bal. It was the best party ever! I had a great time. I danced with so handsome guys! It was cool!
I'm going to spend my holidays by the lake with my family but then I have got no plans, so maybe You could visit me? For week or two week's. What do You think? Write back fast, please!
With love, XYZ!
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1)Dear Anna,
How are you? I hope you’re well;)
I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long... But in my life everything is change... My new baby brother is the way, so now i’m head of the family;)
And at the next week i have a interview for a job, I will hopefully be working at a Law Firm in couple weeksJ
So, when we learn about we have a new member in family, we going to with Tina to town for shopping for little Brian;)
We bouth a lot of amazing things like rompers, diapers, teething, and we couldn’t stopped.
That day was the best day for a long time in my life.
I feeel like the happiest person on the world...
I am very happy that finally I will have a younger brother, with whom I’ll to delivers for all times. I am also happy, because I see my mom a satisfied.
Do you know, that Maria go out with Simon?? Yes, I know that is unbelievable, but it’s true...
When one day we with all our friends were in pub on Katowice... we met their. He bouth her a very big bouquet red roses, and they seems like people who’re very in love.
I’m not vindictive person, but i think that they fall out and break up for some a few months...
It was a nice suprise to hear from you again after so many times, becouse i want to know what going on with you, and your family, particularly in Kristy... And write that you will be in poland for a next summer. Anyway, I have to finish now, but I looking forward to hearing from you.
Give my regards, love to your parents and Kristy
Take care, XYZ

2)Dear Anna,
I’m very very sorry I haven’t written for so ages, but i has a many things to lern, and i was busy prepare to final exams. Really I’m still busy everytime, and i don’t have any time for my social life... I wasn’t on the pizza with my friends for ages.
All day i learning maths... becouse that my Achilles' heel, and i don’t unerstand anything. In my matura i will pass also biology and geography, but this subjects thats my favouritesJ, and that simple for me.
Sometimes, when i have some free time i like going to walk around park, and listen to music. Also sometimes i like meeting with my friends from scientific circles, but then we don’t say any wors about schoolJ It’s very relaxing, so when i go back to home i can started learnig back.
Lately, we have a prom. Reception was in small town near Katowice. That was very funny and nice. We played until dawn;) and nobody has any incident.
We have a nice music and food that’s great... We ate very inventive dishes such as crabs, and seafood;) That was amazing night...
Maybe in next summer i hope go sightseeing France, and maybe hike;) I hope it all goes well
If you are in Poland a next summer you must come to me, and we ‘ll go for a nice trip to Cracow. If you don’t visit me i will very disappointment...
Well, that’s all my news. Do drop me a line soon. Looking forward to hearing from you;)
Give my best wishes to the family.
Keep in touch, XYZ
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