Napisz krótki tekst o swoich pozytywnych i negatywnych cechach, ilustrując je odpowiednimi przykładami:

pozytywne: sociable, ambitious, friendly
negatywne: impatient, shy, lazy

Ma to wyglądać tak to jest przykład:
I am very hard-working. I always does her homework .



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I am very friendly , because I've got lots of friends and I always help them when they've got problems . I am very ambitious , because I am study a lot of when I've got test . I am very sociable, because I love meeting with my friends, I like going with them to the cinema or ice rink .

I am lazy , because I love lying in my bed and also watch TV , play computer games. I am shy , when I am scared . This is normal for me . I am impatient , when I have to wait for my friends a lot of time ! I am bad !!!

But , I am very important in this world , because in the future I can be an actor/actrees . If i been the famous star , people would meet with me .

Starałam się napisać najlepiej jak umiałam , ale jeśli jest za krótkie , albo są błędy to sorki :):):) ! xD
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I'm so friendly. I sometimes do party in my house and i inviting my best friends. I think I'm sociable, because i like talk with people and sometimes tell them great joke. I try be ambitious in school. I reporting in lessons and I have a very well with my equals.

I think I'm impatient, because I very nervous before lessons. I'm very shy. I scared maths. I'm lazy. I can't stand do my homework.

nie jestem pewna czy dobrze jeżeli są jakieś błędy to przepraszam i mam nadzieję, że poprawisz ;)
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I'm sociable sort of person because I'm fond of the company of others. I really enjoy going out for example to pubs, concerts or cinemas and simply being among people.

I'm very friendly because I like meeting new people and making friends. I'm polite for them and ready to help. They can relay on me. I love spending time with my friends.

I'm ambitious because i know what my goals in life are and I try to achive them. I always do my best. I work really hard and put a lot of effort in everything i do especially my studies.

I'm impatient because I just get very nervous every time I have to wait long for something. For example when my bus comes late it really drives me mad and I also hate standing in queues.

I'm lazy because I can't get up in the morning. I would lie in my bed forever! I also don't like working. I wish i could always have holidays.

I'm shy sometimes especially when i have to talk to a girl. I'm too shy to tell her something even if i really like her.

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