Wywiad ze snoop dogg'iem ; dd

tu masz wprowadzenie i troche o nim ; )
Famous raper and star reality show Snoop Dogg . He have 37 years old.
Cordozar Calvin Broadus Junior - this is really name him. He lives in Los Angeles with same from 11 year wife Shante and threesome of frantic kid 14 -years old Conde, 11 -years old cordell and 9 -years old Cori.

1.Do entity cause amenity famous it ?
It for I natural thing. It will will pass part of my life. It was reconcile on start with fame heavily me, because this new experience was, but it in course of time piece of cake, when several first will pass year.

2.That causes greatest amenity it making of music television ?
Everything I like that concern my career. Has nothing make better than this that exactly, but I play at it well right. I like music, with occurrence in to on a level television show.

3.Do you be religious person ?
Yes of course. Expensive (dear) < way >, I hurry be it which (who) noble – expensive (dear) < way >, which (who) causes, that I is felt well < goods (right) >. I believe, that there is this proper (suitable) expensive (dear) < way >, it belongs to go which (who) and I try (look) to make good more than bad. I believe to god and I profess faith.

4.You search for that features in people, are what?
Loyalty, reliances (confidence), abilities of devotions for somebody. Impression beguile, that it is in this sector (trade) people a lot, such rate connects me with which (who) exactly. It is felt so as if so, there were uncle call all my family – Snoop. Every time,, when I record scrap with (from) somebody, I keep (maintain) with (from) before good rates from for (after) dr. Pharrella Williamsa Dre. It as love.

5.It describe person in 5 words …
ha! Entity very „ ” all the time gangsta! It five six …?

Thank you.

nie wiem czy dobrze ; )) ale próbowałam pomóc ; )

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