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I like a weekend very much. I always wait for its since Monday
Every Saturday I sleep to twelve o'clock and I get up to the dinner.
After the dinner I always go for the walk with my dog. I usually play on computer
3 hours a day. Every day I play football with my friends. When I come back home I watch Tv,
and then I go to sleep.
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My Weekend I like weekend. On Saturday I wake up nine o’clock. I eat breakfast at ten o’clock. I usually help my mother in do housework: I vacuuming. When I do this I watch TV. Late I eat dinner. My mother cooks delicious foods. Saturday it’s day when I meet wint my friends. We take a walk and talk. Sometimes we go to the cinema. We like watch comedy. We go to the pool. We like go a bicycle. I eat supper at p.m. Late I play games computer. I go to bed about eleven p.m. On Sunday I wake up eight o’clock because I go to church at ten o’clock. I eat breakfas at nine o’clock.After a mass I do homework and I learn. I eat dinner at two p.m. In th afternoon often I take a walk or go a bicycle with my parents. In the evening I prepare for the school. I supper at eight o’clock.
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