Polecenie- Według podanego niżej przykładu każde zdanie wyraź w czasie Present Perfekt, używając przyimków for i since:
I last visited London on August 22
I haven't visited London since August 22

1. It's three years since I saw her.
2. It's twenty five years since I had an accident.
3. He was last here four years ago.
4. I last had a beer three days ago.
5. It's five years since we talked to eacdh other.
6. I last heard from Tom in 1993.
7. It's almost two years since I bought a suit.
8. The Prime Minister last visited our twon in 1991.
9. When I last saw your daughter she was ten.
10. Hast had fish on friday.
11. Professor Smith last gave a lecture in November.
12. We last stayed at the hotel in August.
13. I last went to a concert when I was a teenager.
14. They last mentioned professor Bull's name at the conference in Geneva.
15. Borg won his last toumament in 1982
16. I last went to the mountains in 1992
17. He last borrowed money from us a few years ago.
18. The Rims last invited us a a month ago.
19. Paul last wore that hat last winter.
20. I last went to the theatre five years ago.
21. Marko Van Dijk last wrote a novel in 1987.
22. Tom last gave me flower in March.
23. We last won a game five weeks ago.
24. Betty last went to Wales in 1991.
25. I last bought a book two weeks ago.

Będzie najlepsza dla najpoprawniejszego rozwiązania ;))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I haven't seen her for three years.
2.I had an accident twenty five years ago.
3.He hasn't been here since four years.
4.I haven't got a beer since three days.
5.We haven't spoken to each other for five years.
6.I haven't heard Tom since 1993.
7.I haven't bought a suit for almost two years.
8.The Prime Minister hasn't visited our town since 1991.
9.I haven't seen your daughter since she was ten.
10.He hasn't got a fish since Friday
11. Profesor Smith hasn't given us a lecture since November.
12.We haven't stayed at the hotel since August.
13.I haven't been to a concert since I was a teenager.
14.They haven't mentioned professor Bull's name since the conference in Geneva.
15.Borg hasn't won a tournament since 1982.
16.I haven't been to the mountains since 1992.
17.He hasn't borrowed money from us since few years.
18.The Rims hasn't invited us since a month.
19.Paul hasn't worn that hat since last winter.
20.I haven't been to the theatre since five years.
21.Marko Van Dijk hasn't written a novel since 1987.
22.Tom hasn't given me a flower since March.
23.We haven't won any game since five weeks.
24.Betty hasn't been to Wales since 1991.
25.I haven't bought any book since two weeks.
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