In my free time I love listening to music, all of its kinds. The songs , melody and sounds are always connected with my mood. I watch Tv or read books.I often meet with my friends and we're spending our time very fun for example, we go shopping, watch interesting movie, ride on bike or roll.Sometimes when I'm boring I like doing crosswords, learning foreign languages and reading magazines. Maybe it sounds banal but all these activities make me relaxed. I like surfing the Net. On holiday generally I meet with fiends and we go to the club, or spending time on the other way together.
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In free time I go to gym. When the weather is nice I run. In the evening I go to disco. Now I am writing a story for my friend.. When I was younger I was swimming and I liked meeting with my friends. Later I changed my interests so I do not swim and meet so often with friends.
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