Kupiles przez internet produkt z ktorego nie jestes zadowolony.Napisz list do firmy ktora Ci go sprzedała.
-poinformuj co i kiedy kupilas
-poskarz sie na dlugi czas oczekiwania i brak reakcji na e-mail
-podaj dwie wady kupionego towaru
-powiedz jakiego rozwiazania oczekujesz i wyraz nadzieje na szybka reakcje

zachowaj forme i styl listu. Nie umieszczaj adresow, Podpisz sie jako xyz.... ilosc slow120-150



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Sir/Madam

I want to express my strong dissatisfaction with DVD player which I bought in your shop last week.
At first I waited for my DVD a long tmie - 2 weeks! When I was mailing to you, I have not got any answer. You did not told me what was happened with my product.
I was very nervous so I decided to go to your shop. When I came back to my house and I wanted to check my DVD player-I was so shocked - it was faulty. It has scratch and it does not work.
I would therefore be grateful if you could consider a full refund of Ł150. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Dear Sir or Madam
I am writing because I bought a computer in your internet shop and I am not satisfied. I was waiting for equipment for a month and I should get it after one week. I was writing a lot of e-mails to you but I got any comeback. That was not the end of problems. When I arleady got my purchase I wanted to include a computer but it was not activ. You selled me damaged eguipment. I booked also the loudspeakers, which were not by you emited. Because time of exceptation was too long and I did not get it, what I would like I think that yuo should to exchange utensil to another or give me back my money. I look forward to reacting from you.

Your faithfully