Wstaw will lub going to.
WOMAN From the look on your face I can see tahat you 1.____________be rude.
Man I promise I 2.____________(not) be.
WOMAN But I can see that you 3.__________lose your temper.
MAN I hope that I 4.____________(not),but I'm really angry.
WOMAN So we 5._____________have an argument then.Please try to be polite.
MAN I 6.__________________do my best but it isn't easy.
WOMAN I don't want on orgument.I've decided what I 7._____________do.I 8.____________go for a walk.
MAN OK.I think I 9.___________come with you.It's no fun arguing on your own!

Dam naj:):)



2.will not
3.are going to
4.will not
5. are going to
6. will going to
9. am going to

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