My favorite animal is dog. I love dogs beacuse they are so funny, nice and cute.
My dog has got (kolor sierści) hair. He is small/big/medium(wybierz). I walk with my dog every day. I can stroke it for many hours. It sleeps with me. When it was younger it sprit in house but now he don't. Sometimes I give its my dinner. I won't be able to leave him.I love it.

Zdań 11.
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My favourite animal is my dog. He's name is Aron.(wpisz imię zwierzaka).He has long black fur and big brown eyes. When I go back from school I like play with my dog and go for long walk with him.Sometimes he's scamp. But it doesn't matter because I love my dog.My friend says that he's really energy dog and it's funny with him. :)