Napisz list do koleżanki z zagranicy zawierający 120-150 słów w którym opiszesz:
-jakiej jesteś narodowości i gdzie mieszkasz
-ile masz lat i czy masz rodzeństwo
-czym się zajmuje twoja mama a czym tata
-co lubisz i czego nie lubisz robić
(mam 17 lat i mam siostrę, reszta ma być zmyślona)
bardzo proszę o pomoc ...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Anja
How are you ? I hope, that everything's ok ? I want tell you some about me and my family.
I'm Ania and I'm seventeen. I'm from Poland and I live in ... (podaj swoją miejscowość). I have a younger/older (młodszą/starszą) sister ... (imię). My mum's name ... (imię). She's a hairdresser. She has hair salon. My dad's name ... (imię). He's a doctor in hospital at Warsaw. He's very good in his proffesion.
My hobby is photography and dance. In my free time I take a photo everything what can I see in area. Two days in a week I go to dance lessons. It's hip-hop style. I love that. I like to run too. I can run fot two hours on day. That`s grat sport!
The next step, which I like to do is to draw. My picture adorn all my walls in home. They are colorful, imaginative and mysterious.
I like shopping, jogging and a lot of activites in my free time. Unfortunately I don't like help my mum at home. It's so boring, but she's very angry when I don't mahe anything.
It's all about my. I'm waiting to your anwear.

Write you soon.


Hi Suzi!
Thanks for your letter. My name is Kate. I'm 17 years old. I'm polish. I live in Poland in Warsaw. I have a sister. She name is Mandy. Mandy is 13 years old. I like her. My mather is a nurse. She is really funny. My mather is very toll. My father is 39 years old. He is happy all day. I like reading books. My favourite book is ,,New moon". It is exciting. My sister says: What a book! I love swimming. I won olympiade. I hate my dog. He is horrible. I hope, you write for my letter. See you soon. Bye. Kisses.


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