In last summer I was in a Kanada with my brother. We went to Kanada by plane. I was very exciting, because that was my first fly. We visited our familly in Toronto. In first day we went to CN Tower in middle of town - this is really amazing place. Next day, we went to Niagra Falls. In this small city we watched film in 4D cinema and visited wax museum. I saw there very interesting people (in wax, of course) like Madonna or Johny Depp. I bought some suvenires. When weather was good, I played soccer and basketball.
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My holiday in Egypt

At my last holiday I was in Egypt.
First I and my mum went shopping to the Kair. The market was very big. I could buy there oranges, chlothes, shampoo and CDs and many, many more. We didn't buy a lot. We bought T-shirt "I love Egypt", perfume and ice cream.
On next day we went to see a pyramids and spinks. There were just magicial. So big, dark and beautyful. We couldn't see them of inside, because there's weren't any tickets.
On the third day we went again to Giza, but we wanted to ride on the camel. We did it. That was fantastic. I'll never forget this trip on the camel. We saw a very beautyful and old buildings in a town.
Next two days we have spent on atractions in a hotel. For example there were masage, jacuzzi, swimming pool.
When I was coming back I was sad.

No będzie na piątkę przynajmniej!!
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