Na koncercie widziales dziwnie wygladajacego i zachowujacego sie czlowieka . Nastepnego dnia opowiadasz o tym przyjaciolom z Angli Opisz; wyglad tej osoby , jej zachowanie , reakcje innych osob byla bym wdzieczna za napisanie takiej rozmowy



Yesterday I was at a concert ... I was very surprised one man's behavior. He was a grown man but he behaved like a child ... Even though he was handsome. High brunet with brown eyes. And he had a very pale complexion. But his behavior przekaraczało all accepted standards. I do not know whether he was insane, or maybe a drunk .. Hmm. It is difficult to determine, but the fact the fact that it behaved like a normal person at the concert. Was too much, so to speak, horny, excited. What's better, not only I looked at him for an eye. At one point, everyone looked at him like a madman. His behavior really was not normal .. I will not say that I was traumatized after the concert, but I am disappointed with yesterday's view ...

Może sie przyda ;p