Fat burning - exercises "fat burning". Their secret lies in maintaining a pulse of 120 - 130 beats per minute. The rhythm of the music is performed too fast to be very simple, very tiring exercise, creating a simple choreographic. Training of moderate intensity (no jumping, wymachów or vigorous movements).
Low impact aerobics - exercise, involving a large group of muscles, and in which at least one leg is always in contact with the floor. Exercises are a relatively low intensity. Such a practice arose because of the lower risk of injury compared with the method of hi impact. Exercises are rather simple, suited to beginners. Based on the so-called base position of the body, which is slightly bended knees and shoulders, promoted to the front of the pelvis and tight buttocks and abdominal muscles. This prevents excessive loading of the joints. Low impact exercise is ideal for the elderly, sluggish, or even pregnant women.
Step-Step - a cultivated variety of aerobics with the same popularity among women and men. As an innovation to enhance the intensity of light can enter the course dumbbells.
TBC (Total Body Condition) - one of the aerobic varieties consisting of carving muscles throughout the body. Allows a relatively short period of time to shape the silhouette, speeds metabolism and fat burning.
Aerobic-dance - a group of gymnastics, performed to music, was created as a discipline recreation, becoming in time the sport, which are regularly held the world championships
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dziś pokarzę podstawowe kroki- today I will show basic steps
brzuch wciągniety- hold your belly
plecy prosto- straight back
pośladki ściśnięte- hold your bum
nie wypinamy pupy- don't stick out your bum out
kolano nie wychodzi za palce u nogi- the knee doesn't pass toes
ma być kąt prosty- straight angle
nogi na szerokość bioder- legs straight with your hips
krążenia ramion- arm circles
szeroki rozkrok- stand with one’s legs wide astride
pupa i kolana w jednej lini- bum and knees in one line
krok skrzyżny,noga lewa do tyłu- cross-legged walk, left foot to the back
kolano ugięte do tyłu- knee bended to the back
nie dotyka pośladka- doesn't touch the bum
kolana lekko ugięte- knees bended little
szeroko,wąsko- astride/little
pięta w górę- heel up
nogi wyprostowane- straight legs
rozciągamy udo,łydkę- thigh, calf stretching
długi,duży krok- big, long jump
wysoko kolana- knees up
złap,chwyć za stopę- touch your foot
ręce wzdłóż tłowia- arms straight with torso
ręce na wysokości barek- arms at the shoulders
połóż się- lie down
klęk podparty- supported kneel