Opisać po angielsku typowy polski dom.
W tekście mają być zawarte odpowiedzi na poniższe pytania:

1. What types of houses do Polish families live in?
2. Do Polish families prefere to live in cities or in the country? Why?
3. How many rooms are in a typical Polish house?
4. Who does what type of housework in a typical Polish family?



Polish families usually live in blocks of flats, becouse it's cheaper than buying a big house in the country. Polish families prefer to live in cities, becouse in the city there are a lot of different amusements ,for example : a cinema, theathre, football matches, clubs. In the city there's more technology than in the country.In a typical Polish house there are four rooms. In a typical Polish family, of course, mother does cooking, cleaning, washing-dishes etc. dad usually works and earn a lot of money for his family.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Polish familes live in small houses. Inside are a few rooms, for example four or five. Outside is small garden, where people can spend free time with friends or family. Polish families prefer to live in cities becouse city is more comfortable than willage. In city are cinemas, shops and very intresting places. We can go to the park for a walk or cinema with friend. So, life in cities is easier. Village is a small place, where we can't go to the clubs, theatres. In free time we must stay at home.
So, our typical houswork are clinning and cooking. We must do that everyday. Usually womens stay at home, they bring up children when theirs husbands go to work.
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