Read part of a letter from your penfriend. Then write a letter, answering your penfriend's questions. Write about 100 words.

I started my new school in September. It's okay.
My favourite classes are science and music. There are two modern science laboratories and we do a lot of interesting experiments. In music, I'm learning the flute. And I'm singing in a school production at Christmas. The auditions were last week. We had to sing and dance.
What are your favourite classes at school?
What classes don't you like? (I don't like art very much because I can't draw or paint.

Lubie chemie i biologie nie lubie geografii W mojej szkole nie ma laboratoriów itp. ale prowadzimy na chemii experymenty.

Fast please ;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear (imię przyjaciela)
I'm glad to hear you. My school is modern too, but we don't have laboratory. Science is interesing for me, because we do a lot of interesting experiments. My favourite subject is biology and P.E. We play a lot and in next month we will have competition. I hope that couch will choose me to play in school team. Generally i'm sure he will :) Tell me more about your school and are you have any friends?

Best Regards, (twoje imię)