1. Write sentences fot these situations. Use the words in brackets.
example :
- You text your friend at 11 p.m but there is no answer. (must)
He/She must be in bed.

- You ask your friend to go to the disco with you but he/she says no. (could)
- You send your penfriend an e-mail but he/she doesn't reply. (must)
- You offer your friend a sandwich but he/she says 'No, thanks' (cant't)
- You go to your best friend's house on Saturday afternoon but he/she is not in. (could)
- You friend doesn't go to school on a Monday morning.(must)



1. She couldn't go, because she wasn't allowed to/, because her mum didn't let her.
2. He/she must have his/her computer broken.
3. Maybe she has already eaten and she can't eat more.
4. He/she could go out with his/her parents
5. He/she must be ill.

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