Może nie będzie taka długa, ale mam nadzieję że pomogę:

I want talk about my best friend np.Anna. We have known eath other since I remember. We played together when we were child. We had a lot of great ideas. We were sweet funny children. Sometimes we came back to home very dirty with holes in clothes. Now Anna is very funny and friendle girl. She is 18 years old, just like me. Anna is pretty now. She is thin and tall teenager. She had long, straight, blond hair and big green eyes. She usually wear jeans,T-shirt and trainers. She likes play volleyball and do sports. On the holiday she goes to the sport camp. She really likes meeting new people. She is optimistic, nice and confident person. She is also kind, she always helps me, when I have a problem, and we talk a lot of time. She always gives me the best advice. I really like go shopping with her. When we have good humor and all the time we are laughting, people thing, that we are crazy or sick. I thing that Anna is the best friends at the world. I like her, because she is always honest and I know that I could trust her. Anna is a grat person. I'm very happy that she is my friend.
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Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi was an ordinary boy from an ordinary Hindu family in India. He married and had cgildren. He studied law at college in England. But he was not an ordinary man.
His first job took him to South Africa. Here life was hard for Indians. (...) A policeman threw Gandhi off a train because of his color. This changed him. He started to fight for the rights of Indians.
When Gandhi left India in 1893, he wore European clothes. He came back to India in 1915 in simple, white Indian clothes. This was a differenr man - a man with ideas and new ways of protest.
In India, Gandhi started to fight for independence from Britain. It took more than thirty years. He wanted to change India's rulers. But he also wanted to change Indians. (...)
Mahatma Gandhi is famous everywhere in the world. He died in 1948, but everybody knows his name. He was an Indian leader, but he was also a world leader. He showed the world nonviolent protest. People in many countries follow his ideas today.