1.wybierasz sie w podroz po Europie. Poinformuj jakie miejsca chcesz zwiedzac, w jaki sposob zamierzasz podrozowac i kiedy wracasz
2. powiedz o swoich palanch na najblizszy weekend (3 czynnosci)
3. wygrales duza sume ieniedzy, poinformuj w jaki sposob chcesz ja wydac (3 czynnosci)
4. za 2 miesiace zdajesz egzamin na studia. poinformuj w jaki sposob zaplanowales przygotowania do egzaminu (3 czynnosci)
5. w najblizszy weekend twoja rodzina planuje generalne porzadki. poinformuj co beda robic twoi rodzice, co ty , a co twoje rodzenstwo
6.powiedz jak ty i twoja rodzina spedzacie swieta bozonarodzeniowe (3 czynnosci)
7.postanowiles zmienic styl zycia na zdrowszy. podaj 3 zmiany jakie zaplanowales



1. I want to visit Moscow, London, Paris, Hamburg, Warsaw and Vienna. I intend to travel by plane, train, bus and boat. I'll be back in two months.

2. The next weekend to visiting friends, I ride a bike and go to the pool.

3. Pass the money to charity. I buy gifts to friends and other money paid to the bank.

4. I will teach your friends. I repeat all the material, I'll do a trial test.

5. This weekend I will be with my family to do general cleanup. Parents cleaned their bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. I tidy up his room and hallway. My siblings tidy up their bedrooms and garden.

6. I and my family traditionally spend Christmas. Spend Christmas Eve at home. Prepare twelve dishes. On the first day of Christmas visit the grandparents.

7. I will be practiced in some sporting activity, for example, basketball. I will eat more fruits and vegetables. Stop eating sweets.

raczej nie ma jakiś trudniejszych słów, więc nie wstawiam tłumaczenia.. ; D
starałam się... jeżeli jest coś nie tak, przepraszam.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I'm going to trip by Europe - I visit Berlin, Paris and Athens. I will tour for exaple in Paris - eiffel tower,in Berlin - berlin's gate and coastline and beach's in Athen's. I will trip by car.

2. At this weekend I will go to aqua park with my friends. We will have a lot of fun. Then we go to my place to eat something and to watch films.

3. I will use this fortune to buy only luxury products like: new car lamborgini, beatifull original perfum that I always want to have and for expensive gift for my family and friends.

4. I want pass this exam so i start learn at 5 february. The other thing that I will do is resting. I must be concentrate and relax when I write exam. I drink magnesium and pills to beeing more concentrate to learn.

5. When we do general cleaning in our house my mom and dad will cut the grass and cleaning the garden. My two sister will cleaning bathroom and I will clean kitchen and living room. Me and my sister will have to vacuming, clean the floor and walls.

6. Me and my family spend chrismas in our home. We first cleaning al thel house and then we dress the chrismas tree and cooking. We are do always twelve dishes. It's so fun.

7. I want live healthier. So I want practise more sports like climbing, swimming and jogging. The other thing is that I want eat more healthy food - more vegetables and fruits. And I want sleeping better - I going to sleep earlier.
1. There is a lot of amazing places in the Europe. I'm going to go to Paris. I'll get there by plane. I'd like to see Eiffel Tower. Later I'm going to visite London. In my plans I have museums, shops and Greenwich. I come back in July.

2. This weekend will be interesting. On Saturday I have to tidy my room, but later I'm going to meet my friends. We will go to the cinema or to the restaurant. On Sunday I have to go to the church with my family.

3. Recently I won a lotery. Now I have a lot of money. I was thinking about it and I know how spend them. I'm going to buy bigger flat. Then I'll buy new furnitures. I also want to give some money for charity.