Napiszcie list do znajomego zawierający takie paragrafy
1 przeprosić, że długo nie się nie odpisywało
2 napisać jakieś nowie informacje o sobie, co tam się ostatnio wydarzyło ciekawego itp. itd
3 jakieś nowe inf. o znajomych
4 zapytać co tam u tej osoby do której się pisze




Dear Tom,
Sorry that, Im not writting for a long time but I was very busy.
Last time in my life was a lot of changes. I was passing exam on my driving- licence, I got a new job, I found a new flat and I finished
school. Last week a met Kate and Meg. Kate had a new boyfriend and she told me that, she is very happy. Meg came back from Canada and she want stay here.
But you didnt wrote what happened in your life. Im very interesting. I hope that all is fine. Im waiting to your answer. See you
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Kate,

Thank you for your letter. How are you? I hope you are fine. I am sorry that I couldn't write to you for long time but I had lot of household chores. I helped mother in kitchen and took a care of my younger sister.
I am attending dance class. I am glad because I made new friends. You don't belive, but I am the best dancer im my group! I have for you fantastic news: I have got a cute dog. I found him 2 weeks ago near my house. Pimpuś was hurt and i took him.
I visited my friend Meggy yesterday, she is going to get married. I was in shock, but I think it's a superb decision.
I hope I will see you soon. I will tell you all of my news then.