Nie napisalas w jakim czasie to ma byc,wiec masz tak jakbys byla na tych wakacjach w czasie terazniejszym,z pewnymi wyjatkami,ale sobie pozmieniaj na czas taki jaki potrzebujesz;)
Hi Janet!
How are you?I hope this summer job is going well.Anyway,as you know,we're camping here on the Isle of Skye.We are staying on a campsite in the middle of nowhere.We have been here for five days but it feels longer.It's rained every single day!
We go walking every day and yesterday we saw some seals.We have all tried windsurfing,but we are not very good.This afternoon I fell into the sea five times!
Predictably,Tim Has fallen in love with half the girl on the campsite.Tom is complaining about everything and colin is still trying to be funny all the time.So you can imagine what it's like!
Well,I must finish.Write back soon.

Cheers , Ana
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Anna,

You know now I'm on holiday! I can't believe that I'm in Rio de Janeiro!
The city is fantasic. I'm staying with the Serpas- they are friends of my family.
They live in a lovely house with a beautiful view of the sea. The beach is just next to
my house, so I can go there every day. I love sunbathing. There is a large swimming
pool near the house.
The weather is hot and sunny.I still can't believe that the weather is so great in here.
The Sun shines all the time.
Yesterday I visited Sugarloaf Mountain. It is a big mountain.
The view was so lovely that I didn't feel tired. O walked around Botanical Gardens,
and visited city with serpas too.
Now I tell you something about people in here. They are really very friendly and happy.
They love having fun. Brazilians are quite attractive. They usually have got brown eyes and
dark hair.
The Brazilians cuisine is delicious, Brazilians love spicy food. They have great seafood and coffee!
Tomorrow I'm driving to Petropolis to enjoy mountain air, I want to visit Cathedral
and Museum of the Empire.
Unfortunatenly, I'm leaving Rio de Janeiro next week. I will call you!
You should see this city.
Rio is a colourful city, you must come here!
Well that is all for now, goodbye and see you soon.

Yours best friend,