Witam, potrzebuję porównanie życia Polaka z życiem Amerykanina..po angielski...Tekst nie musi być długi może zawierać kilkanaście zdań a dokładnie z 10....

Jest to praca na jutro więc proszę was o pomoc dajemy za to 54 punkty...Pozdrawiam..




I'm going to compare Polish and American life. Poles are said to be really moody. They are always complaining. Americans have an optimistic attitude to life. They are cheerful. For them everything is great. Women in Poland can clear up, do the ironing, bring the children up and have time enough for career. American womens employ babysitters, cleaners. They've often got "quick dinners" from microwave. The Polish children are broad-minded, bringing up traditionally. American upbringing is out of stress, kids can do whatever they want. Of course, it's a generalisation, but in majority that's truth.