-We are at Seaside in Poland
-The waether is beautiful. All the time is very hot and sunny.
-We spend a lot of time on the beach and we are sightseeing a big cities(?) - Gdynia, Gdańsk and so one
-Im very happy that I am here. This country is beautiful, te people are very nice and helpful.
Hey mum
i am on the camping with my friends, the weather is nice and sunny, we are walking in the forest, I'd like that very much because Like walking

mam nadzieje ze pomogłem pozdrownienia ;)

We came very late to the hotel. We're gonna stay in Central London for weekend. It is very crowded over here, lots and lots of buses! I couldn't sleep last night because of the cars out in the streets. There are sirens all around, wherever I go I hear them, but the view of Big Ben was totally amazing! The weather I must say is very pleasant for January. It is not as freezing as it was in our city. Yesterday we didn't go anywhere beacue it was too late, but today we got up very early and we drove to the parliament. We took lots of pictures. We also plan to shop in most expecive stores haha! We love it over here, it was a briliant idea to visit London! I can't wait for you to visit this place!

Love you! (imie)
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