Musze odpowiedziec na ten list
Dear Sally,
1. Well,we haven't heard from you so I'm writing to find out if everything is OK. I hope you are enjoying yourself in Britain. What are the people you're staying with like? Have you got to know many people yet? What interesting things have you done?

2. Nothing has changed much here. I've got exams coming up soon so I haven't been out much. I don't think I'll do well in History because I hate it. But I've worked hard at the other subjects so I hope they'll be ok.

3. Anyway, my last exam is next Friday so I'll be on holiday after that. First, I'm going to spend a few days at the seaside. After that we're all going camping.

4. Write soon and let us know wtah your plans are. We'd like you to come camping with us.

5. Well, that's all for now. Don't forget to send Grandmother a card. She often asks about you.

w liście znajdować sie musi :

1 paragraph:
tahnk Pete for the letter
write about how you are
explain why you haven't written

say if you are enjoying yourself
mention people you heve met
say what you have done and where you have been

ask about people at home

thank Pete for the invitation
write about your plans

Z powodu ze nie umiem zbytnio angielskiego prosze kogos aby mi pomogl i jak najprościej napisal ten list i odrazu jezeli mozna tlumaczenie na polski ;]
Dzieki z gory !!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Pete,
1.I am so glad that you wrote me,thank you very much.I am fine but a little bit tired ,becouse of the school exam which was today.I am so sorry that i haven't written you so long,i had lots of things to do...
2.Great Britain is awesome! i saw lots of interesting places ,for example Big Ben and Tower Bridge. But in fact I miss my country.I met here a lot of friendly persons .On my first day in my new school i met Jessica.She is very funny and honest.We've always get on well since i came.We've been on London eye with her.I was scared because i have never seen such a huge big wheel!
3.What about people at home? How are they feel? Please tell them that i miss them so much.
4.Thank you for the invation. fact i have no plans , so i am sure i will come with you.

Ok,I will write her for sure.Write me soon!
Lots of kisses
Your Sally
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