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1. There is no success without effort. (nie ma sukcesu bez wysiłku)
2. How to do your homework effectively.(jak efektownie odrabiac prace domową)

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1.There Can Be No Success Without Action And Tenacity

There are many different success strategies. So many, in fact, that you could probably waste several lifetimes just studying the theory behind all of the different ones out there, and never actually get around to implementing any of them.
The thing is, that pretty much all success strategies are, essentially, based around two words, and once you know what they are, and what the real meaning of them is, then any strategy that you choose to implement can bring you success.
So then, what are those two words? One is action, and the other is tenacity.
Firstly, lets look at action. You need to establish what action needs to be taken and then take massive action. All out, 100% effort, no holds barred, both feet in, sort of action.
It is no good sitting at home thinking about what action needs to be taken, you need to be out there following through with it. A great quote to bear in mind is this “Every person who has ever slept knows what it is to dream. It is the person who gets out of bed and takes action on that dream who will know success”.
Making that step from dreamer to implementer is what prevents most people from becoming successful. Lots of them have great ideas, but those great ideas are worthless, because they remain in their mind, and never see the light of the day.
Lets now look at the second word - tenacity. If you truly want success, you are going to need terrier-like tenacity, just like a terrier who has its sights on a rabbit. When you have set your sights on success, you need to chase it for as long as is a necessary and, when you get it, you need to hang on to it and never let go.
I am not talking about a blinkered approach here, as if you go headlong charging blindly towards your dream, blinkers on, no peripheral vision, you will as likely to charge straight past your target as it comes hurtling towards you as you will be to get your hands on it.
So, tenacity does not equate to tunnel vision. Rather, it means to take your determination, and to multiply it by a hundred. Whatever you start, you must see through to its conclusion.
Consider the following quote: “Success seems to be largely a matter of holding on after others have let go”.
This means that there will always be lots of people going after the same opportunities and, normally, only a handful, maybe even just one, can succeed. If you want that to be you, then you have to keep at it longer and harder than the others that you are competing against.