We see our beautiful city. This city has shown us the joy of life. We have 3 in the monuments of nature. Here everything has developed. Each of us had finished an outstanding school here, so that we spaniałe work. Our library has all the necessary books for education and leisure time. We have two magnificent swimming pools. One pool open from September to June. The second open from June to August. Yet know that our earnings are the largest in the country. Let us look at us. We are beautiful, raking. We have a great tattoo studio. We all have beauty skin care. In every store you can taste delicious food products. The schools are very fast computers. They also have shops. You can buy these healthy and organic food. And how can you not love our city
Welcome to Crakow. Crakow is a provincial town, the great scientific and cultural center. In Krakow is 12 higher education institutions, among them the oldest in Poland, Jagiellonian University, 6 theater, opera, philharmonic orchestra and many museums. There is also the largest and most valuable team in the country historic buildings, mainly gothic, religious and laity. Crakow is a large industrial center. There is also a metallurgical plant in Nowa Huta, the second-largest industrial plant in the country. In VIII / IX in the village at the foot of commercial property to the Wawel castle. From the seat of the bishopric in 1000, from the reign of Casimir the Restorer (ca. 1038) by the end of XVI in the capital of the state. In 1257 a town from the 1320 coronation of kings. In the XIV-XVI, the largest city in terms of booming economic and cultural life (1364 assume a ...

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