Ułóż pytania z rozsypanych wyrazów i odpowiedzi na nie , korzystając z notatek Anabelle .

Great Britan . Stonehenge ancient cirle of gigantic rocks last June coach unice Tom and cousin Mary very mysterious .

1. what / she / did / there / see?

2. Anabelle / when / did / visit / the / place ?

3. how / did / there / get/ Anabelle ?

4. did / go / she / there with / who ?

5. about / it / what / she / did / like ?

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1.What did she there see?
2.When did Anabelle visit the place?
3.How did anabelle there get?
4.Who did go there with she?
5.Ahat did she like about it?
5 2 5
1)what did she see there?
2)when did anabelle visit the place?
last June
3)how did anabelle get there?
4)who did she go there with?
tom ang cousin Mary
5)what did she like about it?
it was very mysterious
7 4 7
1. What did she see there?
She saw stonehenge! It's ancient circle of gigantic rocks! She said that it was awesome! :)
2.When Did Anabelle visits the place?
Oh You are very curious! i'm not sure but I think it was in the last june.
3.How did Anabelle gets there?
She flew from USA to Great Britain and then she got there. she said that flight was the best part of this day, but she was sa afraid.
4.Who did she go there with?
She went there with coach unice Tom and cousin Mary.
5. What did she like about it?
She like sunrise near the stonehenge, she thinks that this is the best view of this world, very mysterious.
7 4 7