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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Two days ago I was in the cinema and I saw wonderful movie- musical. The name of this film is ,,Nine'' directed by Rob Marshall. This film have very good cast for example Nicol Kidman , Penelope Cruz or Fergie your favourite singer!
Plot is talking about men in middle age which really doesn't now what he want. He is fighting with his problems which four womens his life are helping him. Ghost his mother, wife Luisa, best friend Lily, popular journalist Stephanie (very sexy), lover Carla and his musa Claudia. Very interesting, amusing and I think it's worth seeing. It is blockbuster!
4 3 4
- Last week i was going to the cinema because i saw the posters of the very good film.
-This was new part of pirates of the caribbean with Johny Depp starring. It was directed by Gore Verbinsky.
- It is set on Carribean see. The mine characters are Orlando Bloom , Kiera Knightley, Geffrey Rush. This is a story about pirates and their adventures. I like this film because in it starring my favourite actore - Johny Depp (he is very handsome) and this film have amazing plate and keep in suspense (napięciu)
- I think that do you should see this film
3 5 3