Książka dla klasy 1 gimnazjum wydawnictwo longman nazwa:energy2 autorzy:Steve Elsworth, Jim Rose
Podręcznik unit 7 zadanie 7 strona 75
In pairs, practise the conversations. Use these sentences to help.

----------------->Your friend looks angry.
Hey You look angry.
----------------->Say that you're all right.
-------------->Ask again.
---------------->Explain the problem.
---------------->Show your sympathy and suggest a solution.

1 angry Your sister/brother borrowed your T-shirt. She/He didn't ask.
2. worried You're late. Your dad is going to be angry.
3.angry Your girlfriend or boyfriend didn't call you last night.
4.worried Your little brother/sister isn't back from school.
5.puzzled You did badly in an easy exam.

Proszę o szybką odpowiedź najpóźniej do jutra do 7.30 proszę to bardzo ważne :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nie wiem czy dobrze zrozumiałem. Powyżej jest schemat konwersacji, a niżej dałeś różne tematy ? Nie wiem czy tak wystarczy, ale poprawisz na przerwach jakby co. Jeśli ok to proszę o naj.
A:Hey, You look angry.
B:I'm alright
A:Oh come on. Tell me what happened ?
B:My sister had borrowed my T-shirt and she didn't ask me.
A:My sister always do this until I tell my mum. You shall tell your mum about it. She will help you.

A:Hey, You look worried.
B:Yes a litlle bit.
A:What happened ?
B:I make an appointment with my dad and I'm late. He's going to be angry.
A:Don't worry. I'm always late when I've got important appointment. You must say sorry and try to be nice all the time. It really works.
B:Thanks, I will try your method.

A:Hey, You look angry.
B:Yes, I'm very angry
A:What's going on ?
B:My girlfriend din't call me last night. She was on the party.
A:That's bad. You must talk with her seriously but you can't be angry. Try to calm down. I'm sure that everything is gonn be ok.

A:Hey, You look worried.
B:Yes, it's about my brother.
A:What's wrong ?
B:He didn't back from school.
A:Oh it sounds gravely. I think you should call your parents. They will know what to do.

A:Hey, You look puzzled.
B:I don't know what happend with me.
A:What's wrong ?
B:I wrote an easy exam and I failed it.
A:Don't worry. I will learn with you next time.