It was planning from months, after 7 month's finally with my family we swim at our boat around of sea, after few hours Storm has begin, my father cannot control boat, and we just break on the rock. My Father and Mother also die. They just drowned.
2 Days after this issue, i were is some weird place... it was isle, but with-out Humans, i thoungh that i will die soon, but i find food and drink, but problamy was i can't forgot my parents that dies at my eyes. It was horrible, sometimes i'm still crying at night, sometimes i still had a dreams with' em.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One Day on the desert Island.

When I woke up , the sun was in the middle of the sky. I got up and look around ; I didn't know where I am , and what can i do to rescue myself, so I decided to go around the island.
I saw a lot of parrots and a little bit weird animals , which i won't to meet.
When there was something about 1 p.m. i decided to eat something for a lunch. I found there a lot of bananas , pine apples and cocos.
I ate some bananas , because i didn't know how to open coco or how to eat pine apple.
When i returned to "my place" on the Island was something about 4 pm I think.
I didn't know what to do , so I wrote on the sand sign which was saying : SOS - HELP ME !
Next I have washed myself and go to "bed" .
That was the next day on the desert island.
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Today, landed on an uninhabited give-away.
I am very happy because I had had enough of school and problems.
The whole day is bathed in the ocean and leniuchowałam.
I love this life - will I be here forever.
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