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W niej mają się zawierać:
- where you are and how long you are spending there,
-the weather and the food,
-the famous sights you saw and what you did,
-your plans for the rest of your time there.

Przykłądowa taka pocztówka:
Dear Trish

1)we're spending two days here in vienna on our tour of Europe.
It's a beautyful , old city and the weader's warm and sunny.

2) This morning we went to the Hofburg Palace and took lots of photos. IT's a really amazing place - you should see it one day.

3) We're going to listen to a Strauss concert in the park this evening, then tomorrow morning we're going to get on the coach again and travel to Prague.

Bye for now ,
Alice and Peter

BArdzo proszę napisać bardziej rozwiniętą tą pocztówkę gdzyż ma ona mieć min 120 słów.I nie pisać takich samych prawie zdań jak zamieszczony przykładowy tekst.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Trish

we're spending two weeks here in Spain.
It's a beautyful , we saw so many interesting place.Now we are in Mardrid. This city is graet, people are so nice.

The weather of course is wodnerful, like always in Spain.
Every day is sunny and hot.The food is delicious.The best was gaspocho in a small restaurant.

The most beautiful place when we saw is Palau de la Musica Catalana, it is superb musik palace.
On the rest of uor trip we want to go to Barcelona to see La Rambla, it is the most famous street in Spain.we read so many think about it, we must see it...

Bye for now ,
Alice and Peter