I wake up at the morning. I eat somthings and I go to school.
When I become to home, I eat dinner.I watch tv, read book .I do my homework. When I do this I learn for next day.
I go dance every Monday and Saturday . Next, I woke a dog. Usually I go to the park. When I become to home, I go sleep.

Every Monday I wake up at seven o'clock. I put on my clothes and put my books in my bag. Next I eat breakfast. At quarter past seven I clean my teeth and bruch my hair. I go to school at 7.30. My lessons start at 8 o'clock. I finish lesson at quarter to three. I go home and I eat dinner. Next I play computer games and surf the internet to evening. In the evening I take a shower and I go sleep.

Niektóre dane możesz zmienić w razie potrzeby (np. godziny) ;))
In every saturday I woke up at nine o'clock. I start my day of washing my body. Then i eat breakfast. After this I go out to meet with my friends. we go on the seaside i do many funny thing. I love company of them. If it's rainnig we meet in my house and we' sing song or play in computers game. After this I learn and do my homework. If i have time i will walk with my dog. In the end of my long day i'm very tired so I go to bed, or watch a film.